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Learn Where Rachel Stands on Issues Important to You


Every life created by God is a unique and glorious representation of His craftsmanship. Innocent life is to be protected and defended from conception to birth and throughout the life of the child. I will bring forth a bill that respects life and does not glorify death. 


I believe that parents have rights that need to be protected. Parents have a right to put their child in the school that they believe will be the best fit for the student, whether that be public, private, charter school or homeschool. Each child learns differently and deserves to have the education that is right for them. This is one of the main reasons my family homeschooled for many years, and now our boys attend a private school. My husband and I chose what kind of education fits our kids best, and we have seen them thrive in their learning. Every family should be able to have that opportunity as well. At the same time, every parent deserves the right to have transparency on what is being taught in the classroom. This is especially true if the local school does social emotional learning or critical race theory. Sexually explicit material should also not be allowed in schools, and I would advocate for their removal. As a school board director, I have seen how crucial it is to have the right people on the school board to advocate in these areas. I’ve also seen how bills from the state affect what we as a school board can and cannot do, especially when it comes to unfunded mandates. As your state representative, I will advocate for parental rights in education, for school choice, and look for ways to continually make our public education thrive.


Parents are the best advocates for the wellbeing and educational decisions for their children. God has instructed parents to train and teach them in ways that honor Him and allow the children to flourish and grow in the educational setting that is most beneficial to them. Government will never be able to make the best individual choices for each family, and it is currently overstepping its authority in attempting to do just that.


Too many voters in the 102nd district still feel disenfranchised by Act 77 and including issues that were not originally included in Act 77, such as ballot drop boxes. As a grassroots leader, I have consistently advocated to our local elected officials why this singular drop box is not needed. 

I have helped train volunteers to be poll workers and poll watchers to help ensure local election integrity. I would work to make voter ID a priority that needs to be implemented as soon as possible, due to the bipartisan support for it. I would strive for the repeal of Act 77 with a special focus on no excuse mail in ballots. 

Election integrity will be at the forefront of my priorities, and I will strive to bring order back to our elections.  


I come from a family that always believed in the Right to Bear Arms. I am a member of the NRA. The Pennsylvania constitution says it all: The right of the citizens to bear arms in the defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. I am also recommended by FOAC and have an AQ rating by the NRA.

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